Doing your own PR

Julie Rae gave a highly useful and very interesting talk at Mayfield Business Forum  (MBF) last week on how to do your own PR.

Julie used to be a journalist and now runs  “Toys to You“, her own successful online business selling ethical toys.  So she has experience both in producing PR to be submitted for publication and, on the other side, in handling incoming press releases, looking for and selecting stories to publish.

Although I have been involved in PR for over twenty years now and talked to the press regularly during my time at Dell,  the talk still provided new tips and reminded me of things that I should be doing.  For those who are not experienced in PR, it provides a wealth of valuable  information.

PR takes time, but is free and so for all types of business it is a great way of marketing.  Larger companies can, and should, employ specialists to do their PR but smaller companies can still promote themselves effectively by spending a little time on their own PR.

Notes from Julie’s talk are downloadable from the meetings page on the MBF website where you can also find useful information from many previous meetings.

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