I have a portfolio career and a number of interests and I therefore write posts on several different blogs under different company names.  This blog shows a summary of all my posts on other blogs and links to the full posting where appropriate.

As a senior partner in Mayfield Business Group (MBG), which is a partnership of consultants whose varied skills allow MBG to offer business advice & support across all business functions , I contribute to the MBG blog to be found at:

My own personal expertise is marketing and my marketing blog can be viewed at:

Currently I am helping the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) in business development and marketing, and their blog can be found at

Mayfield Business Forum (MBF) is a network of professionals, including many freelancers, sole traders and homeworkers, who live and/or work in the lovely village of Mayfield in the Wealden District of East Sussex in England.  The MBF website and posts can be seen at:

There are two other blogs which I started in the past but have not had time to keep up to date recently.  Because they are out of date they are unlikely to be of interest, but I include them for completeness: one is for Crowborough Runners, my running club and the other is for the village of Mayfield

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