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For a long time I have struggled with how to manage social media and a portfolio career (including outside interests).  I work as a consultant for different clients and I am part of a number of different companies.  So I have different personas on different websites and social media sites, and contribute to different blogs.  It is not that I am trying to hide who I am, just that I am trying to do the best job of representing different companies & groups .  So each persona does a good job of providing information and conversation on a specific topic  and is relevant to those who are interested in one organisation.

However the separate personas do not provide a complete picture which I would like to present to potential consultancy clients as well as to certain other contacts, friends and family.  So I have been working on way to present a meta-view of my social media activity.  Luckily some sites have changed to help me – for example, Facebook with their Pages and the ability to act as yourself or as a page.

An answer for how to have a meta-view of all the posts I make on different blogs struck me last weekend – a “blogcentral” which points to all my blog posts on different topics and on different sites.   So here it is.

When I post on other sites, I will reference it here (and maybe reproduce the whole post if it seems appropriate).

If you are interested in my overall blogging, please stay tuned here, otherwise you can look at the blogs listed on the About page and choose those covering subjects about which you would like to know more or on which you would like to join in the conversations.

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