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A stopwatch can help

Use a stopwatch or alarm to limit the time you spend on the addictive but unimportant tasks as detailed here

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Reality behind the “Social Media” hype

My latest Roger Stone Marketing blog can be found here.

It looks at what social media really means for most organisations who are not interested in all the hype that surrounds the latest versions of software and buzzwords, but just want to use the best new tools to promote their business

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Why is the Network Effect often discounted for Mobile Operators?

On my marketing blog, I have just posted an entry about how the mobile operators can exploit the network effect and utilise the fact that they have a relationship with hundreds of millions of subscribers.

The idea was sparked, as ideas often are, by the synergy between two items I came across Рthe first on the FlyTXT site (I am an investor in FlyTXT) which reminded me of the sheer volume of mobile marketing and advertising communications that FlyTXT software and services enable for mobile operators, and the second an interview with Vodafone  when they talk about their smart network as opposed to being a dumb pipe.

Please go my marketing blog if you want to read the full post.

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