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Social media and broadcasting playing off one another

Social media could be a threat to traditional broadcasters as their audience looks for news in snippets and relies on information from online friends or connections. But the two can also co-exist and help each other, with social media breaking stories, broadcasters picking up on these stories, checking them, adding context, validating them and spreading them to a wider audience, and finally social media commenting on the stories, adding details and helping the broadcasters develop them further.

I commented on this trend in a blog post I wrote on August 25th for the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) on theaibs.tv – “Interaction of Social Media and Professional Broadcasting”

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Reality behind the “Social Media” hype

My latest Roger Stone Marketing blog can be found here.

It looks at what social media really means for most organisations who are not interested in all the hype that surrounds the latest versions of software and buzzwords, but just want to use the best new tools to promote their business

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